How to make your website load faster

Top 9 Steps:
1. Optimize your images for web — use 65% image quality of JPEG instead of 100%.
2. Eliminate of minimize the use of frames.
3. Load any JavaScript in the footer instead of the header.
4. Use the correct doc format for the type of page you are using (eg. Strict XHTML).
5. Keep external images and items minimized.
6. Use clean and simple style sheets – or use just one to load and call in any others instead of multiple style sheets.
7. Modify your .htaccess file at root for load expiry modules.
8. Minimize GET requests.
9. Remove white space in your source code with HTML Optimizer.


Prime Number

#define MAX 1000000 // Max num of prime needed
// we guess initially all r prime, so all are false
bool prime[MAX];

void seive(void)
    int i,j,l;
    prime[1]=true;//1 is not prime;

    for(i=4;i<=MAX;i+=2) // You can omit this if you can handle even number
        prime[i]=true; //Even num are not prime except 2


        if(prime[i]==false) // if i is prime ,it's multiple's are not prime
            prime[j]=true; // j non prime

    // Print prime
int main()
    return 0;